If you’re buying or selling a home in Los Cabos, chances are Gary will be doing the home inspection. Here are a few tips from him to make sure a home inspection doesn’t sour your deal!

Sellers, you made the decision to sell, you listed your property and have made it look the best it possibly can.  Now you have an accepted offer! Congratulations! But wait…Here comes the home inspection…

Why go to all that trouble and leave it open to problems arising from a home inspection that could put the closing of your property at risk? Do a pre-listing home inspection!

How does a Pre-Listing Inspection Work?

Normally, the pre-listing home inspection is performed before the home is listed on the market. This allows prospective buyers to see the condition of the home prior to negotiations being made.

Having the inspection performed after negotiations, opens the door to all sorts of potential problems. The buyer may demand major repairs be made at the seller’s expense that eats into the seller’s expected profit. Contracts are typically contingent upon a successful home inspection, so when an inspection raises issues, once again the parties are forced to negotiate with one another.  With a pre-listing home inspection, the seller and real estate agent can then use the inspection report STRATEGICALLY.

 The Inspection Report can be presented to a serious buyer before an offer is made which sends a clear message to the buyer that the seller isn’t hiding anything. The report may show the seller that the property is actually in better condition than thought which can lead to a higher listing price!


To request an inspection, call Gary, the only Home Inspector in Los Cabos who is also a Certified Home Inspector in the USA!

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