When visiting Los Cabos, it would be easy to assume everyone in this area is enjoying the prosperity that surely must be overflowing from the abundance of new luxury hotels. One sees perfectly groomed waiters, cleaning staff and maintenance workers not realizing many of these individuals live on dirt roads with dirt floors and no dressers to keep those clothes clean. You may not see it with your eyes, but there is tremendous need here. 

Living side by side with this HUGE need is also a vibrant community of retired and semi-retired individuals from many different backgrounds all with some extra time on their hands and a desire to make more meaningful connections at this point in their lives. The coming together of these two worlds provides a unique opportunity to make an impact.  

We present you here a small cross section of local charities and the various ways in which you can get involved. If you’re able to give even an hour of your time or $10 of your money, we promise you’ll walk away feeling like you have more a place in this community!  


Founded in 1998 

Great option to get involved AND to meet people 

LIGA MAC is one of the most established, well regarded charities in Los Cabos. Their extensive amount of programs focus entirely around one sole purpose: Changing Lives through Education. This mission empowers kids to stay in school and gives them real tools so they can create a better life for themselves. No small feat. 

Ways to Get Involved: 

Second Time Around/Donation Center 
Friday, Palmilla Market Booth 
Saturday, Organic Market, San Jose
ESL Classes 
Annual Fundraiser Event 
Christmas Fiesta Committee 

For more information about their programs, check out their great website: www.ligamag.org.  

You can also call or email them at: +52 (624) 120-1060info@ligamac.org. 


Founded in 2004

Great option to make a big impact in just a few hours

Donna Brnjic launched FLKC in 2004 on vacation in Cabo when she took $100 of her own money & fed some very hungry children. Feeding Los Cabos Kids has since grown to feed 10,000 meals a month!  Donna manages 12 kitchens spread out across Cabo and San Jose with the core belief that each one must be able to function independently of her. As food always tends to bring people together, these kitchens become community centers where truly the most needy are served. To talk with Donna leaves one moved & inspired to do more. 

Ways to Get Involved: 

Three times a week, Donna runs a van from her office right next to Cabo Church in downtown Cabo at the corner of Hidalgo & Lazaro Cardenas. Volunteers have a chance to visit the kitchens to simply observe, to cook, to serve or just play with the kids. Expect approximately a 2 to 3 hour time commitment.  

For more information, visit their website at: www.feedingloscaboskids.org 

You can also reach Donna by phone or email at: +52 (624) 157-3669 –  flck@cabochurch.org. 


Baja SAFE 
Founded in 2007 

Great option for the animal lovers 

You haven’t really “lived” in Los Cabos unless you’ve rescued an animal. It’s a right of passage and most long timers have one more than one! Isabelle Ann Tiberghien, and her team of volunteers, spay and neuter rescued animals and then begin the rehabilitation process to prepare them for finding a loving home.   

Ways to Get Involved:

Donate through International Community Foundation. 100% of your money goes to the care of the rescued animals.
Attend the annual dinner at Flora Farm on March 7th
Foster an animal to help prepare them for permanent adoption
Transport an animal with you on your flight home
…and of course ADOPT an animal! 


For more information, visit their website at: www.bajasafe.com 

You can also call or email them at: +1 (310) 728-6954 – et.safe@hotmail.com 


Founded in 2011 

The Solmar Foundation offers one of the best examples of a local business giving back to the community. The Solmar Group is a collection of local hotels & resorts that includes the new luxury residential community of Rancho San Lucas. The Group encourages hotel guests to donate a few dollars to their final bill that the Solmar Group then matches, dollar for dollar. Guests walk away knowing they have helped the community, and with the matching donation, the Foundation leverages its size to raise large amounts of money that are fed right back into local charities.  

Ways to Get Involved: 

  1. Join the Helping Hands Tour offered weekly with the Foundation’s director. Tours run on Wednesdays from 9-11 & show you firsthand the impact you have made. Reservations recommended. 
  1. Pack with Purpose and use any extra room in your suitcase to bring gently used clothing or school supplies. 
  1. Donate and Solmar Foundation will match your gift dollar for dollar. Because Solmar Foundation also covers all the foundation’s administrative costs, 100% of your donation will go to the charity you choose from their selected list.  


For more information, visit their website at: www.solmarfoundation.com  

You can also call or email them at: +52 (624) 145-7575 info@solmarfoundation.com.