Category: Charities

1. Bomberos Voluntarios

Camino Viejo a San Jose de Los Cabos, KM .5, Col. El Medano, Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. MEXICO

624 144 4884

Bomberos Voluntarios

2. Casa Hogar


Calle Playas SN, Esquina Playa Bucanero, Cerro de Los Venados, Cabo San Lucas, BCS, MEXICO

624 123 1285

3. Feeding Los Cabos Kids


Corner of Lazaro Cardenas & Miguel Hidalgo, Cabo San Lucas, BCS, MEXICO

624 105 0930

Feeding Los Cabos Kids

4. Liga MAC


Corner of Margarito Sandez and Luis Castro, Col. Zacatal, San Jose del Cabo, BCS, MEXICO

624 120 1060

Liga MAC

6. Los Cabos Humane Society


Calle Padre Nicolas Tamaral, Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur MEXICO

624 129 8346

Los Cabos Humane Society

7. Red Autismo

Nicolas Tamaral 111, Col. Mauricio Castro, San Jose del Cabo, B.C.S. MEXICO

624 120 6328

Red Autismo

8. Rotary Club

Hotel Playa Grande Salon Brigantine, Every Thursday 8pm, Registration 7:30pm, Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. MEXICO

624 131 0497

Rotary Club

10. Yo Reciclo

Agustin Olachea SN, Paseo Jacrandas 7, MZA 4, Col. Tabachines, Cbo San Lucas B.C.S. MEXICO

624 175 3868

Yo Reciclo


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Life is an Adventure to be Experienced.
Come find yours in Cabo.



You go on vacation to a beautiful place and at some point during your trip, you start to wonder what would it take to stay? There’s something about the place that grabs you,and you want more. You see other people that clearly look like they live there, and you ask yourself, what do they actually DO there? Do they have real jobs? What path in life did they take that they spend their days living in this beautiful place?

And you wonder,what if?